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Why a Construction Attorney is Necessary for San Diego Real Estate Developers

If you are a real estate developer in the San Diego area and want to be successful, it’s imperative that you understand the importance of hiring a San Diego construction attorney. All Californian property developers need professional legal advice to deal with construction contracts and any disputes that happen during a construction project. Legal advice pertaining to construction law is also important if you are a construction company, a subcontractor, or a materials supplier. If you are not a trained construction law attorney, it’s impossible for you to have the necessary understanding and experience that construction law requires. The services of an experienced construction attorney are essential to assist you in navigating complex legal matters that can arise when dealing with all aspects of San Diego real estate development. The following 4 topics cover some of the legal problems that a qualified construction attorney in San Diego can help you resolve.

1) Breach of Contract

A breach of contract is a common legal issue that can arise at some point when a construction project is underway. An experienced San Diego construction attorney can represent you and assist you to navigate the legal waters of any legal issues arising out of a breach of contract complaint.

2) Construction Defects

If you are a party to a San Diego construction project, you may, unfortunately, end up in litigation over construction defects. Because construction law is intricate, you need a trained San Diego construction attorney to represent you and help you to obtain a favorable outcome.

3) Mechanic’s Lien

Because several different parties may be involved in a San Diego construction project, conflicts may arise when one or more parties claim that they are not being adequately compensated. This can result in a Mechanic’s Lien, or security interest, being filed on the property by the party that maintains they are being injured. A San Diego construction attorney well versed in dealing with Mechanic’s Liens can assist you.

4) Surety Litigation

It’s a common practice for investors in San Diego construction projects to take out surety bonds as protection against adverse events that may arise during the progress of a construction project. Such adverse events may include the failure to live up to contract specifications, delays in completion of the construction project, and insolvency. Surety companies that issue such bonds may litigate against other parties involved in a construction project. An experienced San Diego construction attorney can assist you to obtain a favorable outcome.

The Case for Hiring a San Diego Construction Attorney

Apart from the issues discussed above, there are a variety of other construction law issues that can arise for anyone involved in real estate development in the San Diego area. All participants in a construction project need an experienced San Diego construction attorney with a complete knowledge of the specialized field of real estate law. Whatever your construction law issue, our San Diego construction attorneys have the expertise to assist you. Please contact us to set up a legal consultation.