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Employment Law

The Law Office of Gregory P. Olson defends employers in both federal and state courts as well as in administrative actions before the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.

Our Employment Attorney in San Diego successfully represented a corporation in an employment matter pending before the Labor Commissioner of the State of California, Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. The claimant filed a complaint and sought wages, penalties and business expenses and claimed an ownership interest in the corporation.

Our San Diego Employment Attorney investigated and defended the matter and ultimately negotiated a favorable settlement.


Wage and Hour

The Fair Labor Standards Act and California labor law require employers to pay minimum wage, to pay overtime to non-exempt workers, and to pay for missed breaks and meal times.

The Law Office of Gregory P. Olson represents workers and businesses in wage and hour disputes including:

✓ Unpaid Commissions and Bonuses
✓ Overtime Pay Violations
✓ Incentive Plan Pay Disputes

Employee Representation

The firm represents individuals and groups of employees in matters where employers or other institutions have violated federal or state employment, anti-discrimination or civil rights laws including matters best replica watches involving employee rights issues, discrimination (gender, racial, age, disability), and retaliation claims. The firm has experience in the California Superior Court and the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Employer Representation

Our expert employment attorney advises and counsels employers regarding compliance with California labor laws, including:

✓ Employment Contract Claims
✓ Compensation
✓ Employment Torts and Related Claims
✓ Leaves of Absence
✓ Employment Discrimination
✓ Unfair Competition
✓ Harassment

Additionally, our employment law firm is experienced in defending employers’ rights in litigation of all types of employment disputes including:

✓ Wage and Hour
✓ Breach of Contract
✓ Retaliation
✓ Defamation
✓ Wrongful Termination
✓ Theft of Industry Trade Secrets

Please contact our experienced employment attorney to schedule a legal consultation