Intellectual Property Law

Both federal and state laws provide protection to creative property and works, including writings and trade secrets. This area of law is known as intellectual property law. Intellectual property law provides a vast swath of protection for businesses looking to protect the inner workings of their business and products. Using these laws, businesses can obtain:

✓ Trademarks and copyrights on valuable assets
✓ Seek redress for violations of intellectual property rights

This area of law is vast and many businesses need the assistance of experienced and knowledgeable intellectual property attorney to wade through the many statutes and codes applicable to intellectual property rights.

Our San Diego intellectual property attorney at The Law Office of Gregory P. Olson is well versed in the area of intellectual property law and can help businesses ensure that their intellectual property law rights are protected and enforced.



At the Law Office of Gregory P. Olson, we represent and defend businesses in licensing disputes and infringement cases under federal trademark laws, including businesses seeking to enforce their trademark rights against other businesses using confusingly similar trademarks. Our trademark law firm also represents individuals and companies seeking to obtain federal registration in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Our San Diego Trademark attorney services also include providing advice regarding choosing:

✓ Protectable marks
✓ Trademark searches
✓ Avoiding claims for infringement
✓ Intent-to-use and actual use applications with the United States Patent & Trademark office


Our firm represents and defends businesses in licensing disputes and copyright infringement matters under federal copyright laws. As your copyright attorney, we will negotiate settlement agreements relating to copyright infringement claims on your behalf.

We have represented designers, photographers, business owners and other individuals or companies involved in copyright legal matters.

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