Business Law and Litigation

Our business law firm offers a wide range of litigation services including representing plaintiffs and defendants in contract disputes, business torts, real estate issues, business fraud matters, consumer protection cases and unfair competition claims under Business & Professions Code Section 17200.

The firm has experience handling both individual claims and major class actions. Examples of representation include representation of lenders, service providers, vendors and both large and small businesses.

Small Business Representation

We can assist you with starting your small business, properly dealing with independent contractors, leasing, protecting your assets, buying and selling products and services, hiring and firing employees, drafting and reviewing small business contracts, purchasing a small business and engaging in on-line commerce.

Contract Law

The Law Office of Gregory P. Olson challenges and defends the validity and enforceability of business contracts and employment agreements. The firm has extensive experience in matters involving business formation, purchases and sales of businesses, commercial leases agreements, consulting agreements, licensing agreements (including trademark and other intellectual property rights), executive compensation and employment contracts, independent contractor agreements and general business contracts.

Defamation Lawsuits

The Law Office of Gregory P. Olson represents individuals and businesses in the prosecution and defense of defamation lawsuits in employment and business contexts, including evaluation of legal claims and defenses as well as procedural and evidentiary requirements.

The firm’s representation includes handling of “cease and desist” letters demanding that defamatory material be removed from social media or other platforms and appropriate responses to such “cease and desist” demands.    

Representative Matters: Business Litigation

Breach of Limited Partnership and Fiduciary Duty

Defense of general partner in lawsuit filed in San Diego Superior Court involving claims of breach of limited partnership agreement and breach of fiduciary duty. Successfully negotiated a buy-out of limited partners partnership interest and overall settlement of claims.

Shareholder Dispute Resolution

Representation of President and fifty percent shareholder in dispute involving rights, duties and obligations of shareholders of corporation. Successfully negotiated terms of buy-out of shareholder interest and settlement agreement.

Breach of Professional Services Agreement

Represented energy company in California Superior Court alleged to have breached a professional services agreement and converted funds due under the agreement. Breach of Vendor Contract: represented business which provided optical equipment to vendor in breach of contract claim pending in California Superior Court.

Breach of Joint Venture Agreement

Represented scientist accused of breaching joint venture agreement in which the company sought research grants from the federal government. Matter involved a cross-complaint breitling replika órák for misappropriation of trade secrets.


Represented partnership providing medical services where two physicians terminated their partnership interests and alleged that the partnership did not honor their buy out rights.

Partnership and Joint Venture Disputes

The firm handles a wide range of matters involving disputes between partners, closely held entities, LLCs, LLPs, venture capitalists and members of boards of directors.

Shareholder Disputes

Mr. Olson has represented shareholders in connection with claims for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty.


Represented manufacturer of proprietary products in a lawsuit involving alleged failure to meet product specifications. If you are a business professional in need of expert legal representation, please contact our business attorney today.

If you are a business professional in need of expert legal representation, please contact our business attorney today