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Construction Law

Construction Law is a specific section of real estate law that requires a deep understanding and vast experience. A variety of entities may need legal assistance during these types of legal matters, including:

* Construction companies

* Subcontractors

* Material suppliers

* Property developers dealing with construction contracts or disputes arising from construction projects.

An experienced construction lawyer can help navigate these complex legal waters. The Law Office of Gregory P. Olson handles a wide variety of construction law matters, from contract litigation to mechanic liens.

Construction Litigation/Breach of Contract

There are a plethora of legal matters that can arise during the life cycle of a construction project. A common issue that arises in construction matters is breach of contract. The Law Office of Gregory P. Olson has experience representing various parties to a construction project during legal matters associated with breach of contract.

Construction Litigation/Construction Defects

Involvement in construction projects can sometimes mean being a party to litigation concerning construction defects. It is important during construction defect litigation to have an attorney representing you to handle the intricacies of construction law. The Law Office of Gregory P. Olson has experience dealing with such matters and can help clients obtain favorable outcomes.

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Mechanic’s Lien/Construction Litigation

Many parties can be involved in the completion of a construction project. As a result, conflict can arise when one of those parties does not feel adequately compensated. These types of situations result in a “mechanic’s lien.” A Mechanic’s Lien is a security interest in a property for the benefit of someone who supplied materials or labor needed in the construction of a property.

The Law Office of Gregory P. Olson is well versed when it comes to dealing with Mechanic’s Liens and has represented various parties in relation to these types of claims.

Surety Litigation

Sureties are often involved in construction projects. Investors will often take out surety bonds to protect themselves against an adverse event that could occur during the life of the project, including:

* Delays in completion

* Insolvency

* Failure to meet contract specifications

Surety companies back these bonds, and can become involved in litigation.

The Law Office of Gregory P. Olson is experienced in representing sureties and can guide them through construction litigation matters, or advise them in the regular course of business.

General Construction

Many other issues can arise when it comes to construction law. Parties need a qualified construction law attorney who has vast expertise in this field of law. Please contact our experienced construction attorney to schedule a legal consultation.